Cash systems for passenger dispatching

Technical solutions of cash systems

Our cash systems are designed primarily for travel ticket selling on the railway, but may be used for bus or in the city transport.

Systems generally operate on the principle of calculating algorithmics of transport links and tariff dependencies in real time. This means that the POPs have uniform data modules independent of the area of deployment.

For example, in rail transport is possible ticket selling of any type and any traffic routing by valid The Terms and Conditions of Transport, on all national rail lines ČD and private carriers.

Of course there is the possibility of billing revenue from sold tickets by passing sections of the carriers. About all tickets are made records for accounting records and statistical evaluation, which is at fixed intervals, carry through the interface (by type of equipment) to a collection computer ORGNET/ORGSERVER where are concentrated and transformed into a standard format (according to requirements and needs of the transport company) for further processing and sent to the central data acquisition system. For example, in ČD outputs are fully compatible with stationary UNIPOK treasuries, which allows full integration into the ČD PARIS.

Portable cash desks POP

mobile cash desk system POP for tickets or other goods selling on-board the trains, buses in the city transport.

Mobile cash systems for goods selling

mobile cash system for the goods
selling on-board the airplanes, trains or buses.

Small cash desks MOP2

stationary cash desks MOP2 for tickets selling for the railways, buses or for the city transport.


Upgrade new versions and data is quickly and fully automatically switch to a new version of the data can be time-programmed, such as the validity of the new price list from a certain date.

System Protection

System protection against theft and loss of data is based on the following principles:

  • any fundamental transaction device is always recorded,
  • selected functions have password protected access,
  • systems using multiple storage formats and data are not threatened by loss of power,
  • exported data are encoded.

Portability to different hardware devices

Realized cash systems are not strictly linked to the hardware used, the system can be implemented on hardware platforms with the operating system to use the language C or C #.

Functional properties of the device can according to customer's flexibility to adapt to new operational requirements.

Customer service

ODP software spol. s r.o. provides for all facilities full  warranty service, system of after-warranty service and also offers a complete after-waranty service.